Name and Gender nor hoda Mohammed Referring Doctor: Dr esq ense solt tissue dettsity mass lesion arises from pancreatic head. It measures about 3.3 x 2,7 cm. The mass causes compression on medial wall of vertical part of duodenum and hence involves ampulla of Vater. A stent is seen traversing through dilated CBD with associated dilatation of extra and intra hepatic biliary tree. The pancreatic duct is however not dilated Associated multiple hepatic hypodense enhancing small nodular lesions (at least in number) at inferior segments of right hepatic lobe as well as left measuring up to 12 mm No pathologically enlarged epigastric or paraaortic LN Average size spleen with no focal lesions, Normal size functioning both kidneys stones Normal suprarenals Normal pelvic No ascitics Opinion Findings are of malignant pancreatic head Ca versus ampullary carcinoma involving head of p that measures about 3.3 x 2.7 cm It causes obstructive dilatation of biliary ducts (stent is placed ingood position). Associated multiple hepatic small nodular lesions (at least 3 in number) that mostly represent hepatic metastasis Radiologist: Dr. mohammed jouda Date: Sunday, March 19r هذا فحص المفراس لوالدتي بالله انصحونا هل يمكن استصال الورم

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