Hello Dr., I am engaged since 7 months, I knew my fiencé from social networks, we were friends for more than a year before deciding to get engaged. we are both Arabs but from different countries. we are almost from the same generation he is 3 years older than me. He is good however I think he has a kind of narcissistic personality disorder; sometimes he tries to manipulate the way I think because he thinks he has more knowledge and experience, in addition he gets angry often and when he gets angry he hides and keeps silent sometimes for days which is very disturbing to me. I always tell him that his attitude is not good for us especially when he refuses to talk to me without a reason (because sometimes he suddenly changes for no reason and just keeps silent). Moreover when he wants to come back, he creates excuses and I find myself obliged to believe him just to regain peace. He avoids facing or discussing our problems. I am really confused and I don't know what shall I do, is his attitude frightening and what would be the best way to deal with him? I hope you advise me. Thank you

  1. Hello sister . .

    it’s quiet normal for people who met from social networks to be surprised by some face of their friend charcter which can’t be obvious on virtual world .

    for this reason engagement was ( invented ) , to help people unterstand each other more and more before taking the final decision of marriage till the end of life .

    so our advice to you is to make honset objective assessment for your fiancee :
    – what’s good about him .
    – what’s bad about him and can be repaired soon .
    – what’s bad and i have to bear for the whole life .

    and according to this assessment you should decide wether you’re ready to spend your upcoming life with hime or not .

    best regards .