i`m sick for a week with fever and i feel that i want vomiting for a week ,and i went to the doctor ,Who scribe to me a medication i take it, but after i feeld that im ok ,i Stopped taking medication, and two days later Fever returned and appeared in the palm of my hands under the skin Red beads scrub me To much, Please help me, Is this a normal thing caused by fever or what?!! ,Please help me ,i'm so afraid ,im always gets sick soo much in that Period of year ,and ifeel soo hot in night and Sweating a lot and also Coughing,is that normal ,is that caused by fever or other thing ?,please añswer as possible as fast ,thañk you soo much im also have other problem I am a young man ,I’m 22 years old, my weight varies between 54 to 58 kg ,My tall is 169 cm , I’m always don’t have appetite for eat , I don’t eat well ,I don’t know Why , Despite that I wasn’t care or thinking that gone be a problem , I was feeling soo healthy soo normal , I practice all the activities of daily life natural until the last year ,I started feel a severe pain in the place of meeting the leg with the Lower back (I don’t know what s exactly called, but I think it’s the hip) ,I feel the pain so much in that place when I walk a long distance or even medium distance , and when I stand for long time or just a little time , standing too much in different times at day ,when I practice sports, when I run even for a very short distance and when I carry (Hold) something heavy even for a short distance ,the pain started growing and be soo hard strongly ,and I Noted that there is a bulge in that place ,like a bone its coming out ,I noted to that the bloating getting bigger like its growing ,I had go to different doctors , he examined me with his hand and ask me to walk and he look in that place , they ask me to take a photos scans of that area , when he saw the photos scans ,he said that everything normal ,there’s probably a different in tall between my legs (that I have a leg longer than the other ) ,that’s why I feel pain in that place ,he make for me something from wood( after take the measurements (size) of my legs ),I do it in the Shoe ,and he give me some Medicine to compensate the magnesium, calcium and iron and medicine for appetite(even that medicine for appetite, I don’t feel that I want eat ,I still don’t eat well), and another medicine for the pain ,but however I still pain soo much strongly ,please Help ,I do not have the possibility(I mean money) to go to the doctors ,thank you

  1. dear friend 🙂

    please answer these questions to help us understand your complain correctly 🙂

    ???what is the duration for these symptoms ( cough , night sweats , fever)

    does your weight decrease recently ??

    about your leg problem , do you mean you feel pain in your back or what??? please explain .

    we are waiting your answers to help you 🙂 🙂

    best wishes 🙂